Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to perform actions using the keyboard. These shortcuts are shared across several apps in FOLIO. For the apps listed below, you can view the list of shortcuts while using the app.

Keyboard shortcuts list

Action Shortcut keys
Create a new record: Alt+n
Edit a record Ctrl+alt+e
Save a record Ctrl+s
Expand or collapse an accordion Spacebar
Expand all accordions Ctrl+alt+b
Collapse all accordions Ctrl+alt+g
Go to Search & Filter pane Ctrl+alt+h
View keyboard shortcuts list Ctrl+alt+k
Duplicate a record Alt+c
Add POL Alt+a
Close a modal or pop-up Esc
Copy Ctrl+c
Cut Ctrl+x
Paste Ctrl+v
Find Ctrl+f

Viewing the keyboard shortcuts list

To view the list of available shortcut keys, follow these steps:

Click on the name of a FOLIO app from the top menu bar. The app opens and the app name displays at the top left of the window.

Click on the downward-facing carrot, “v”, at the end of the app name.

Click Keyboard shortcuts to view the list of shortcut actions.

List of apps displaying the shortcut list

The following apps display the list of keyboard shortcuts which can be viewed by following the steps described above.

  • Agreements
  • Dashboard
  • eHoldings
  • eUsage
  • ERM comparisons
  • Finance
  • Inventory
  • Invoices
  • Licenses
  • Local KB admin
  • MARCAuthority
  • Orders
  • Organizations
  • Receiving
  • Requests (Note: The downward-facing carrot to view the shortcut list is planned for a future release)
  • Users
Last modified February 9, 2023